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Welcome to Delt-ember friends! This month we give extra emphasis to the triangular-shaped shoulder muscle at the top of your arms. This muscle creates the contoured shape at the top of your arm and looks amazing in a tank top. The deltoid muscle gets its name because its shape resembles the Greek letter (Δ) delta. There are three parts of the deltoid: anterior (front), middle, and posterior (back). The anterior fibers work to flex your shoulder and aid in internal rotation; the middle fibers are strong ABD-ductors (taking your arm to the side) and the posterior fibers extend (bring your arm behind you) and contribute to external rotation of your arm. The main job of your deltoids is to lift your arms overhead and to the side. This muscle is often injured with overhead sports and even with everyday activities if they are not strong and balanced. Just think of all the overhead activities you do every day from putting on a shirt to opening your cupboard to doing the “wave” at a game. Very important tasks indeed. The deltoid also creates a superior (upwards) pull of the head of the humerus (arm). If the deltoid muscle is not balanced by strong rotator cuff muscles (which create a downward pull), this can lead to shoulder impingement. Therefore, it is important to combine rotator cuff strengthening with deltoid strengthening. The combination of working these muscles will ensure a strong and stable joint. This month join us for CONNECT and SPRING where we’ll be working to strengthen these important shoulder muscles in order to help you move better and feel great.




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