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Welcome to September...or as we say at SolPop Pilates, “Scap-tember!” Scap-tember is an

entire month dedicated to two of the coolest bones in the body, the scapulae. Commonly

referred to as the “shoulder blades,” the scapulae are a fascinating structure that not only

connect our back of the body to the front, but also defy what we think of as a typical “joint.”

These wings, so to speak, are free-floating on the posterior (back) surface of our ribs and only attach anteriorly (front) to our clavicle (collar bone). That’s right...your shoulder blades are connected to your collarbone. Cool, right? Instead of having a bony attachment to your ribs, the scapulae have a team of amazing muscles working together in a very choreographed manner to maintain stability while also providing enough mobility to move your arms. This choreography is called Scapulo-humeral rhythm. Much like the Radio City Rockettes, however, if any of these muscles aren’t functioning properly, the entire act goes south. It is imperative to train all these muscles for strength, stability, and flexibility in order for your arms to move efficiently. Efficient movement patterns happen when the right muscle fires at the right time. This is where we, your trusty instructors at SolPop come in! At SolPop Pilates, we have developed classes for the month that teach you how to move your scapula and your arms in an efficient, coordinated manner and how to build strength while maintaining mobility in your shoulders. And we don’t ignore the little guys; all those small stabilizers that help this rhythmic shoulder dance. Hop into a class this month and you’ll be feeling your armpits, shoulders, mid-back muscles and core! Because yes, even your arms are connected to your core!


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