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July Inner Thigh

Happy summer!

Summer means it’s “July Inner Thigh” month at SolPop Pilates! This month is a great opportunity to strengthen the hip adductors that make up 22.5% of the total mass of the lower body! “Grab My Leg Baby Please!” is our favorite mnemonic to remember this amazing group of muscles that include: gracilis, adductor magnus, adductor longus, adductor brevis and pectineus. These muscles are collectively called the “adductors” because they adduct (or “add”) your leg towards your midline or bring your legs together. They all originate around the pubic bone and insert mainly on the inner leg at various lengths and going all the way down to your knee. You feel them when you squeeze your legs together. These muscles are important in providing lower body stability during walking, running, jumping and collectively, with the ABD-ductors, (check out April’s blog) provide side-to-side stabilization of the pelvis. Our adductors are also fascially connected to our pelvic floor muscles, which we learned about in February (or Pelvic-uary) and are a constant target in Pilates. It is important to keep a balance of length and tension with the adductors as they help aid in stability as well as movement.

The adductors were made famous in the 90’s by Suzanne Sommers and the Thigh Master. Raise your hand if you had one! I think we had three in my house growing up. The story of the Thigh Master is one of my favorites. Suzanne Somers had just quit the show, “Three’s Company,” because she lobbied for equal pay to earn the same as her male counterparts and was denied. After leaving the show, she became not only the spokesperson for Thigh Master but eventually ended up owning the brand and making a lot more than any of her male counterparts in the previous sitcom! As female business owners, we love her gusto and celebrate her vision and self-worth. We also want to make it a point to celebrate the female creator of the Thigh Master (previously called the V Bar), Dr. Anne-Marie Bennstrom. Dr. Bennstrom was a Swedish physical therapist who created the V bar using car springs (sounds like Joseph Pilates and the reformer!) in the 1960's to rehab injured skiers. This month, come on into the studio and we’ll dust off the ‘ole Thigh Masters or grab a mini stability ball and train those adductors!


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