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Ankle August

Here at SolPop, we love our alliteration almost as much as we love stability for our joints! Ankle August is a great month to pay particular attention to our feet, our ankles and overall balance. Our feet are our connection to the ground, which can affect so many things, including how we walk, stand, run, jump, sit down and even how we breath. Our ankle joints must be the perfect combination of strength and flexibility to reduce injury, stay balanced, improve circulation, increase overall physical performance and yes, even create greater core strength.

The muscles we’ll be working around the ankle are gastrocnemius, soleus, posterior tibialis, flexor hallucis longus and the peroneal or fibularis muscles on the lateral side of the ankle. We want these muscles to not only be strong but to have great proprioception, which is your brain talking to your body about where it is in space, contributing to greater balance and coordination during movement. Our FLEX, PUMP and SPRING classes are great for teaching and challenging this proprioception.

But your feet aren’t just connected to your ankles, your feet are connected to your entire body through your fascial system. You know that pelvic floor we’re always talking about? Yup! Connected to your feet. Through our deep front fascial line, we can connect our big toe to our adductors (remember July Inner thigh?) which have a direct fascial line to our pelvic floor. We also use our toe flexors to help create a supported arch, which, when lifted can be likened to the pelvic floor lift. Using breath and awareness we can connect these diaphragms to bring more stability, power and support to our bodies. Cool, right? Our CONNECT and PULSE classes will help you find this internal connection of your feet to pelvic floor and deep core.

So, hop on into SolPop this month and see what Ankle August is all about!


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